DIN Time 2.50 released with support for Forecast.io

DIN Time 2.50 is available now, and it finally allows for Forecast.io as an alternate weather provider. For this to work you need to register for a free personal API key on Forecast.io. Forecast.io will be a more accurate option for a lot of users, but requires the extra step of entering the API key in the settings page.

This version has also been optimized to reduce memory usage, in preparation for the next version, which will to add more weather and health data.

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5 comments on “DIN Time 2.50 released with support for Forecast.io
  1. Michael D. Manning says:

    Thank you for the new weather option. You are most certainly right, it is spot on accurate now !!! I really do appreciate your hard work in providing this extremely useful app . I am making another donation (small) and I look forward to your next upgrade! Thank you again. :)

  2. Excited about a better weather forecast, but I don’t think I set it up correctly. The weather icon has been the same for a day now. How does the API code have location information–I never entered any. Did I miss a step?

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      For now your location as determined by your phone’s GPS is used, when using Forecast.io. So make sure you’re allowing the Pebble app to use location services.

  3. John Hildebrand says:

    I love this watch face. Clean and straight forward. I have one question though. What does the arrow represent on the Autobahn layout?

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      Thank you for your comments! The arrow (when using Yahoo) shows the current barometric pressure trend (rising, steady or falling).