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Biodlarkartan / The Apiary Map online

The Apiary Map (apiarymap.com) / Biodlarkartan (biodlarkartan.se) is online again.

The corona virus has given me some extra free time to finally be able to bring The Apiary Map, Biodlarkartan in Swedish, back online after ten months of hiatus. Enjoy!

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The Apiary Map / Biodlarkartan


June 15, 2019: The Apiary Map (apiarymap.com) / Biodlarkartan (biodlarkartan.se) has been taken offline for technical reasons.

In the nine years that has passed since it was first launched, the technology behind it has become more or less obsolete, with potential performance and security issues as a result. I now need to take the time to figure out how it can be rebuilt with today’s technology and standards. I hope to be able to bring it back online later this year.

If you have any question or concerns about The Apiary Map / Biodlarkartan during the time it is offline please use this contact form.

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Honey harvest of 2014


A couple of weeks ago I harvested the honey from my, now single, beehive in Eftra, Sweden. I got about 32–33 kilos this year, which is a record for me since I started with beekeeping in 2010. It will result in at least 70-80 jars, so I’m hoping people will be interested in buying a few. I have also, finally, designed labels for the jars, so I won’t be as lazy as previous years and just sell the honey without any branding.

The label, by the way, is printed on 250 g Rives Tradition and fastened with a linen string.

Make sure you check out The Apiary Map, or Biodlarkartan if you are in Sweden, to find your nearest beekeeper. Perhaps they can sell you some locally produced honey!

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