The weather doesn’t update.

First, the Fitbit app on your phone needs to be able to access the GPS to determine where you are. So make sure you have allowed “location services”.


…there has been a known problem with the connection between the Fitbit Ionic and the Fitbit app on your phone. There is a part of DIN Time running on your phone that is responsible for downloading new weather data. It is called the “companion app”. If the connection between phone and Ionic is lost the app shuts down and stops updating the weather. You can try exiting DIN Time on your watch and start any other app, for example Alarms or Weather. Stay there for a few seconds, then return to DIN Time. Hopefully the companion app gets relaunched and the weather will start updating. If this doesn’t help repeat the procedure but also force quit the Fitbit app on your phone before relaunching DIN Time on your watch.

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