I purchased DIN Time, but removed it from my Fitbit Ionic. Now on reinstall it wants me to purchase again! Do I have to purchase it again?

There are some extra steps are needed to re-activate your purchase of DIN Time. This is due to a limitation in the Fitbit platform, unfortunately. Fitbit doesn’t provide any unique identifier for each watch/person. So the purchase is linked to your current installation and your email address instead. But to get you back on track do this:

  1. Open the DIN Time settings page and scroll all the way down to a section labeled “License status”. Flip the switch labeled “End trial now”. After a few seconds the popup with a five digit code will appear on your watch.
  2. Visit kzl.io/dintime or kzl.io/dinhrz as you did last time and tap or click on “Already purchased” and follow the instructions to reactivate DIN Time.
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