These are some of the most frequently asked questions about DIN Time. Please look through them before sending a support request.

DIN Time for Fitbit


DIN Time for Pebble


16 comments on “DIN Time FAQ
  1. Andrew Solmssen says:

    Love DIN Time – quick question. I only see the barometric pressure arrow on the main face when I use the Yahoo weather provider. If I use Dark Sky, it goes away. This seems like useful info, and Dark Sky seems more accurate, so would be nice to have on the face when using Dark Sky. Thanks for your hard work on what has become the only face I use now.

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      The reason the trend arrow is only available when using Yahoo is because they provide the data for it. If I were to implement it with Dark Sky I would first have to figure out the correct algorithm for it (it’s only called “rising” when it’s a certain amount of rise within a specific time period), and then for the calculation to be correct I would need to have three or more historic data points equally and suitably spaced. If one is missing (perhaps due to connection errors) the calculation would be wrong. So all in all it was a little to much work and error checking of the data for it to be worth the trouble. But I’m glad you like the little arrow, most people don’t see the use for it.

  2. Javier says:

    When I have an event Window (time line) showing at the 1/4 bottom, it covers the minutes digits. Do you plan to fix it? It’s the only feature stopping the purchase of your awesome watch face!

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      I have had plans to fix it, but when the Pebble watches were cancelled I stopped working on it. But perhaps I will continue…

  3. asci says:

    its a great app..please continue :)

  4. djib says:

    What is the scale for the wind in the health popup? Is it based on the Beaufort scale?
    Also what it the dotted line just below the sunrise and sunset hours?

  5. John Cooper says:

    This is excellent, I’ve bought it.

    The only request I have is that the number of steps this hour is visible in the stats. No standard watchface has it. Perhaps as an option to replace the calories field, I have no use for that.

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      Thank you! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to access the official steps per hour data (the one that is shown in the Today app and on the phone). It’s also not practical to track the steps in the background in DIN Time as it can get shut down by the system without notice and then it won’t be correct anyway. Only thing possible is to keep track how many steps has been taken since you last looked at DIN Time and then divide that by how long time has passed. But that wont be same as the other data.

  6. Rob Clay says:

    One question about the weather data. By a fulltime bar, the data is new however, that is not visseble on my Ionic.

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      Tap the stats section to view more weather information. The bar, if the data is recent, will be visible in the top weather box.

  7. Meghan says:

    I choose the sunflower face and my weather won’t load. I did the recommended steps from the previous post about connection issues. The weather app is working on the watch, but it’s not showing on the face.

    • Christian Liljeberg says:

      There are currently problems with the default weather provider for DIN Time, Yahoo. They aren’t returning any weather data since a few hours. The Fitbit weather app use a different weather provider and apps/watch faces don’t have access to that data.

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